STCW-2010 Refresher Course

  • Get it done before Jan 2017
  • Just 1 & 1/2 Days
  • Updates to 2010 amendments
  • Scheduled courses 11,000 baht
  • Private courses 18,000 baht.

STCW 95 Manila Amendments 2010

If you are serving on board ship you are required to hold STCW 95 as amended by the Manila 2010 IMO convention before the 1 January 2017 and have documentary evidence of either completing the training course or updating training within the last 5 years.

With only 6 months left in 2016 now is the time to book your refresher course with Gulf Charter Thailand Sailing School. Our 1 1/2 day course covers the essential information needed to meet the IMO requirements for refresher training.

On completion of the course you will receive a certificate issued under the authority of the Thai Marine Department which is a member of the STCW "white list" of countries accepting and recognizing each others standards of training.

You can choose to book onto one of our scheduled courses or the training can be run on a private basis for individuals or yacht crews.

The STCW 2010 Refresher course is a theory update only and is classroom based, it covers the following topics.

  • Personal Survival Techniques
  • Fire Prevention and Fire fighting
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibility
  • Elementary First Aid


What happens if I have not met the requirement before January 1st 2017?

This is an important point because if ships' crews cannot prove evidence of having met the updating requirements from the STCW Manila Amendments, the vessel may fail port state inspection.

Is your course recognized by all flag states?

The Certificates we issue are under the authority of the Thai Marine Department which, like MCA, AMSA USCG etc. is a member of the STCW "White list " of member countries all of which have agreed to recognize and accept each other's standards of training.

Does every position onboard have to re-sit their STCW, from stewardess to captain?

Yes, anybody with Basic Fire Fighting, Personal Survival Techniques, Advanced Fire Fighting and Advanced Sea Survival over five years old will have to have updated it by January 2017.

If you hold the advanced safety courses, do you still need to refresh the basic courses?

Yes, even if you hold the advanced safety courses, you will be required to refresh the basic courses.

When do you run these courses?

Starting from June 2016 we will be running scheduled courses each month (please see schedule) and private courses by arrangement.

Next courses:

Jun 29th - 30th 2016

Jul 27th - 28th 2016

Aug 30th - 31st 2016

Sep 28th - 29th 2016

Oct 26th - 27th 2016

Nov 29th - 30th 2016

Dec 21st - 22nd 2016


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