STCW-2010 Basic Safety Course

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Get your professional yachting career off the dock...

Gulf Charters Thailand, in collaboration with Asia Maritime College (AMCOL), is now happy to announce that our MCA recognized, professionally managed, affordable STCW-2010 Basic Safety Training program is now available in Thailand. Come have some fun in the sun and get your Maritime Career started now!!!

STCW2010 = Standards of Training Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers

Before you can be employed in any capacity on a yacht as part of a professional crew you need to hold an International Maritime Organization (IMO) certificate that declares you trained for survival at sea.

Our STCW2010 Basic Safety Training program consists of 5 Certification Courses over 5 days! This training is very important to your maritime career! This is not just looking at a life raft and playing with a few fire extinguishers... you will be boarding a real life raft in the ocean, navigating through smoke filled rooms with billowing flames and you will really appreciate that you are doing this with guidance of experienced professionals in a well established purpose built facility.

Professional training environment, best quality practices and great prices: you won’t find a better deal anywhere in the world to get your professional yachting career off the dock.

STCW 2010 course content:

2 Day: Basic Marine Fire Fighting

The course aims to give all persons intending to go to sea a basic induction and knowledge of the ways in which fires are caused and the precautions to be taken to minimise the risk of fires on board ships. Assessment is by direct observation, oral questioning and a written examination. There is no entry requirement for this course.

Course Content:

  • Response to emergency situations involving fires
  • The use of breathing apparatus
  • Fire fighting and fire extinguishing using portable equipment
  • Act as a member of a fire fighting party

1 Day: Basic Maritime First Aid

The course aims to develop the competence required to be able to apply immediate first aid in the event of an accident or illness on board.

Course Content:

  • The identification of probable cause, nature and extent of injuries is prompt, complete and conforms to current first-aid practice
  • Risk of harm to self and others is minimised at all times
  • Treatment of injuries and the patient's condition is appropriate, conforms to recognised first-aid practice and international guidelines

1 Day: Personal Survival Techniques

The course aims to give all persons going to sea the essential basic knowledge of survival equipment, survival principles and techniques that can be applied to maximise their chances of survival in the event of a marine casualty. Training consists of theoretical classroom work which is then enhanced by exercises in our Environmental Training Tank. Assessment is by direct observation, oral questioning and simulated scenarios.

Course Content:

  • Survival difficulties and factors
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Life rafts and equipment
  • Actions prior to abandonment
  • In water survival techniques
  • Helicopter rescue
  • Vital & secondary actions in the life raft
  • Righting an upturned life raft
  • Use of pyrotechnics

1/2 Day: Personal Safety and Social Responsibility

The course aims to give all persons intending to go to sea a basic induction in safety procedures and accident prevention and to familiarise them with the employment conditions and working environment on board merchant vessels. Assessment is by direct observation, oral and written questioning and simulated scenarios.

Course Content:

  • Complying with emergency procedures
  • Prevention of marine pollution
  • Observing safer working practices
  • Understanding the chain of command and orders
  • Contributing to effective human relationships on board ship
  • Control of Fatigue in working conditions
  • Developing good Teamwork skills

1/2 Day: Ships Security Awareness

From January 1, 2014, it will be mandatory for all seafarers to possess knowledge related to security awareness before engaging on board a vessel and undergo security related training. This is under the Manila amendments to the Conventions. The Ship Security Awareness Training, is intended to provide specific guidelines, skills and knowledge in basic maritime security matters and those who need to function as part of the shipboard team is being aware of assessing situations involving threats to security and safety of a vessel or port facility. This involves recognising threats and suspicious situations and circumstances and reporting and carrying out tasks in accordance with security procedures as set out in the national and international conventions and regulations.

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Aug 7th - 11th 2017

Nov 6th - 10th 2017

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