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Which Sailing Course

You will have a view of which IYT course to take, however many experienced sailors have significant gaps in their knowledge dependant on their sailing experience to date. The writer, who has been a sailor for more than 50 years, found that there were items in both the crew and watch keeper courses that he had never really considered before he trained to be an IYT instructor.

We show on this site the full syllabus to the 2016 and 2017 programs (link to syllabus) for each IYT course and encourage you to tick off the subjects you now well and those you don't.

If you come across an just and isolated area or two that you are not sure about then you can always do a correspondence session with an instructor on email before the selected course to mop up any odd corners that are a bit dark.

Crew Sailing Course:

There are no pre-requirements to the crew course, in fact if the truth be known we really like students with no knowledge of sailing at all. The crew course is a wonderful catch all syllabus and when completed you will have a sound grounding for following courses which will make sense as you progress, expanding your knowledge already established in crew. Crew syllabus >>

Watchkeeper Course:

The Watchkeeper course requires that you have completed the crew course with either IYT or another recognized course for a sailing yacht or have good knowledge of a cruising yacht. Dinghy sailing is a wonderful way to learn by experience how the boat behaves but it is no substitute for the IYT crew course. The Certificate also qualifies you to command a yacht as part of a flotilla. Watchkeeper syllabus >>

Bareboat Skipper Course:

The Bareboat Skipper course assumes that you have already completed the IYT Watchkeeper course, have a minimum of 200 sea miles in your log book and have a first rate knowledge of the boat and how it sails, navigation and seamanship. This course teaches already competent sailors to learn the skills required to lead a team of less skilled sailors to safely navigate and control the boat. It does add to their knowledge of global weather, world tides and currents and a complete understanding of the rules of the road. Bareboat syllabus >>

Navigation Master and Weather Master courses:

We offer these IYT one day courses for those who wish to just brush up on navigation or weather before doing the skipper school or for those who have no desire to gain that qualification but still want additional knowledge. There are no prerequisites to these courses.

ICC the international certificate of competence:

Only currently recognized in the UK it is now a requirement for skippers of Charter boats from the UK in UK waters to hold this certificate. The prerequisite is that you have completed the IYT bareboat Captain course or have sufficient experience and qualification to sit the examination. There is no instruction to this certification it is a one day test of your knowledge and a practical demonstration of your yacht handling and command skills.

VHF Radio Operator Certificate:

This one day course covers all aspects of VHF radio operation including DSCC function covering both emergency procedures and normal use of the radio for ship to shore communications.

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Deposit and Manual

Once booked you pay the deposit of 25% of the course price either by credit card or by bank transfer and we then email to you the relevant manual for bed time reading and pre school study.

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Laemchabang Port
In and around Laemchabang Port, Ko Si Chang in the background
Ko Chang Ao Salakpet
Big sky, from our base at Ko Chang, taken by Royal Siam View Photographer.
Ko Mak resort
Ko Mak Coco Beach Resort, pretty cool bungalows, sent by "Capt.(IYT) Steve".
Lunch on board
These guys obviously passed the galley and food prep part of the training course.
Ocean Marina classroom
Our class room at our Ocean Marina base
capt. hooks Beach
Walking back to Captain Hooks Resort on Koh Kut for Dinner
Weekend yacht racing
Students gettting to it on the Platu 25ft sports yacht at our monthly yacht racing events
Sunset at Ko Kut
Sunsets sunsets sunsets...