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Gulf Charters Thailand has been operating from its HQ base in Ocean Marina just south of Pattaya in the Gulf of Thailand for the past five years. Its core business is that of a bareboat yacht charter operator and as such it operates a fleet of 10 or so keel boats and catamarans that are from 32ft to 52 ft in length.

Founded by Australian Phil Harper the company has expanded its operations to include bases in the Koh Chang archipelago and this year has added a base in Cambodia.

Yachting Activities

Gulf Charters has been the leading developer of yacht charter in the Gulf of Thailand and has taken a very active role in the development of many aspects of the sport of yacht sailing including sponsoring and providing assistance for the monthly yacht racing weekends at Ocean marina and also the annual Top of the Gulf Sailing Regatta where more than 200 boats of all sizes compete for five days every May.

Sailing School

In 2004 Gulf Charters was appointed an IYT partner school for teaching the recreational Yachting courses designed and licensed by International Yacht Training Inc. Since then Gulf Charters has hade more than 100 students attend it various courses with considerable success. Many graduates have chartered yachts and some have bought their own boats. Many more have become a regular participant in the yachting activities based at Ocean Marina and have been rewarded with satisfying experiences on the water and the social scene of like minded fellow sailors off the water.

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